NPAA About Us

The Newburgh Performing Arts Academy is the Hudson Valley’s premier institution for the study of the arts. Founded in 2004, the Newburgh Performing Arts Academy was established to provide youth ages 3-18 with high quality, pre-professional instruction in the creative arts such as dance, music, theatre, and visual arts and is the only school in the area that provides instruction in all four artistic disciplines.

The mission of the Newburgh Performing Arts Academy is to educate and enrich the quality of life of individuals in underserved communities through instruction in and access to the various creative art forms such as dance, theatre, music, literary, and visual arts. To this end, NPAA also works with schools and community based organizations to bring the arts to area residents through its workshops, master classes, arts-in-education and afterschool programs. 

The Newburgh Performing Arts Academy (NPAA) embraces the diversity of its student body; one that reflects the demographics of the greater Newburgh area. NPAA’s student population cuts across ethnic, socio-economic and geographic boundaries to create a rich and inclusive environment for all children regardless of their background. 

NPAA operates with the understanding that the arts can be used to build self-esteem, promote social development, improve school performance and help youth develop the discipline necessary to achieve success in all areas of their lives. In pursuit of these goals, students are engaged in art projects that are designed to foster personal growth and development.                                                                                                                                      
Students of the Newburgh Performing Arts Academy are encouraged to totally immerse themselves in the various art forms in order to fully develop their artistic potential. Staff artists integrate the history of the art form into the curriculum so that students master both the content and context of the medium. As a result, students complete each course with a thorough understanding of the art form as well as an increased sense of self. A public performance or exhibition is held at the end of the program year to engage the community and allow the students to receive public recognition for their work. 

Youth learn best when they enjoy what they are doing, therefore, every class offered at the Newburgh Performing Arts Academy is designed to be fun as well as educational. Classes are structured by age and experience to insure that each child has an opportunity to participate at a level that is appropriate for their ability. Instructors take time out to work with each child individually to help them maximize their potential.

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